University Politehnica of Bucharest

LAPI—The Image processing and analysis laboratory

Research projects


Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction:


2002-2003: researcher, BQR project „Poste de Travail Interactif: le Geste”, owner University of Savoie, French partners: laboratory LISTIC, ESIA, and  IMSE - Faculty of Engineering from Japan.


Medical imaging and systems:


2006-2008: researcher, CEEX research grant “Digital Radiologic Image Analysis for the Monitorization of Orthopaedic Prosthesis”, 17-06-14, owner LAPI-Uiversity Politehnica of Bucharest.


2007-2009: researcher, research grant „Using Dog Cancer Model as Clinical Pretrial for Human Oncology”, PRECLIN, PNCDI2, owner The Oncologic Institute from Bucharest-Romania, 51-021.2/2007, UPB EL10-07-15.


2008-2011: in-charge with research at UPB, CNMP research grant “Integrated System for Real-Time Assistance During the Surgical Act Through 3D Image Reconstruction and Visual Synchronization with Voice Commands”, SIATRACH, owner University of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals “Carol Davila” from Bucharest.


2012-2015: researcher, UEFISCDI research grant “SRSPIRIM - New Innovative System for Radiation Safety of Patients Investigated by Radiological Imaging Methods, based on Smart Cards and PKI Infrastructures”, owner ETTI - University Politehnica of Bucharest with partners: S.C. CertSIGN S.A. and “Carol Davila” Military Hospital, Bucharest (funds ~300k Eur).


Content-Based Indexing of Multimedia Documents:


2003-2004: researcher, BQR project „IODA – Indexation Ontologique de Documents Audiovisuels”, owner University of Savoie, partners: laboratory LISTIC, ESIA, CICA – Centre International du Cinéma d’Animation, PUMMA, CITIA – Cité des Techniques de l’Image, de l’Interactivité et de l’Animation.


2004-2005: researcher, CNCSIS research grant “Objective Quantification of Color Image Similarity and Quality Through the Modelisation of the Human Visual Perception System”, 17-03-04, EL10-04-07, owner LAPI - University Politehnica of Bucharest.


2003-2007: researcher, internal project „Caracterisation Semantique de Films d’Animation”, owner University of Savoie, partners: LISTIC, CONDILLAC-ESIA, Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy, CICA – Cité de l’Image en Mouvement.


2007-2009: principal investigator, CNCSIS research grant “Content-Based Semantic Retrieval of Video Documents, Application to Navigation, Research and Automatic Content Abstraction”, RP-2, owner LAPI, University „Politehnica” of Bucharest (funds ~140.000 Eur).


Video Surveillance:


2013-2016: principal investigator, UEFISCDI Innovation axis, product-oriented grant, “Smart Video Surveillance System with Automatic Localization of Target Events” SCOUTER, owner UTI Grup, partner LAPI, University „Politehnica” of Bucharest (funds ~1.2M Eur).


2017-2018: principal investigator, SPOTTER – Real-time IP Camera-based Intelligent Video Surveillance Security System with DROP Retrieval, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, partner UTI Grup, funded by UEFISCDI, PED Axis, grant 30PED/2017 (funds ~140k Eur).


2017-2020: principal investigator, SPIA-VA – Technologies and Innovative Video Systems for Person Re-Identification and Analysis of Dissimulated Behavior, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, partners UTI Grup, Romanian Ministry of National Defence — Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, public beneficiary Protection and Guard Service, funded by UEFISCDI, Solutions Axis, grant 2SOL/2017 (funds ~2.2M Eur).


Cultural Heritage:


2016-2018: principal investigator, Erasmus+ CBHE, “University & Media Technology for Cultural Heritage” UMETECH, owner University of Florence, Italy, partner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest (funds ~900k Eur).




2006-2008: researcher, CEEX excellences project „The Software Infrastructure for the Data Acquisition System of the ATLAS Experiment”, 17-06-19, owner „Horia Hulubei” Romanian National Institute for Nuclear Physics, partners CERN-Geneve and LAPI-Bucharest.


Software development:


2010-2013: management team - project assistant, FSE - European Structural Funds, POS-CCE RECOLAND, ID519, owner University “Politehnica” of Bucharest (~1.2 millions Eur).


Strategic programmes:


2008-2011: IT expert, project „Knowledge-Based Competitive Training of PhD Students in the Main Domains of Our Society”, FSE - European Structural Funds POS-DRU project, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, PhD Scholarships Programme, ID7713 (~5.5 millions Eur).



2009-2012: IT expert, project ProDOC, "Competitiveness and Performance in Scientific Research through High Quality PhD Programme", FSE - European Structural Funds POS-DRU project, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, PhD Scholarships Programme, ID61178, (~5.5 millions Eur).



september 2010: project manager, CNCSIS project WED14, Exploratory workshop grants, owner Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, EL08-10-05, 5549/16-08-2010 (6.000 Eur).


2010-2013: implementing expert, project PROMISE, "An Integrated Master’s Degree Programme in the Fields of Sound, Image and Multimedia Engineering", FSE - European Structural Funds POS-DRU project, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, Master Programme, ID61178, (~5 millions Eur).


2010-2013: short-term implementing expert, project ITEMS, “Analysis, Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Imaging, Bioinformatics and Systems, FSE - European Structural Funds POS-DRU project, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, Master Programme, ID61756, (~5 millions Eur).


2012-2015: management team, project CAMPUS, „University Politehnica of Bucharest - Center for Advanced Research on Materials, Products and Innovative Processes”, FSE - European Structural Funds POS-CCE project, owner University „Politehnica” of Bucharest, ID956, (~14 millions Eur).