Consortium Structure

CO - University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest (UMFB)

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest, founded by Carol Davila in 1857, represents the first medical school established in Romania and remains the biggest institution for medical education. Every year UMFB signs many contracts accepted in the national and international competitions.

As project coordinator UMFB will be represented by a medical team that works in the Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics Department “Alexandru Pesamosca” of the Children’s Emergency Hospital “M.S. Curie Bucharest”. The department is the biggest in Romania and it receives and solves cases from all the other national university centers. It has a Radiology Clinic that is able to establish the ultrasound diagnosis for the vascular tumors and has the necessary meanings for multiple treatment methods. UMF medical staff teach in this institution both the University’s students and young residents in specialties such as pediatrics, pediatric surgery, neonatology or family medics. In UMF’s doctoral studies scheme is being developed the thesis “Diagnosis and management of vascular tumors belonging to the subcutaneous and cutaneous tissue”. The data acquired in this thesis will be used in the project and the final result and the research conclusions will be an important part in the final form of the thesis. The department has a wide range of experience in the field of treatment of the vascular anomalies and a very important casuistry. The results obtained by using bleomycine for sclerotherapy have been presented in many Conferences.

The UMF medical staff involved in this project has many publications in national and international magazines („Chirurgia”, “Journal of Pediatric Surgery”, „Journal of Medicine and Life”) and are founding members of the Romanian Society of Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery other Miniinvasive Techniques (S.R.C.L.P), Romanian Foundation for the Medicine of the Third Milennium and inthe Romanian Association of Pediatric Traumatology and Orthopedics.

The UMFB team has the following structure:
Draghici Isabela MD., Lecturer - Project Director; Maria Popescu MD.; Liviu Draghici MD.; Anca Maria Raicu MD.; Dragos George Zamfirescu MD.; Dragos Adrian Georgescu MD.; Maria Rodica Samoila MD.; Gheorghe Samoila; Mihaela Ban;

P1 – University Politehnica from Bucuresti (UPB)

The University Politehnica from Bucuresti (UPB) is the most important technical university in Romania. Its tradition goes back to the foundation of the first superior technical school in1818. IPAL (The Image Processing and Analysis Laboratory) is a romanian high quality research center in the field of multidimensional signal analysis and processing, part of the Faculty Of electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ETTI) of UPB. Founded (in the actual structure) în 1992 by prof. Vasile Buzuloiu, IPAL has been continuously growing, not only from the memebers point of view but also in terms of activities, becoming an institutional research center of UPB (since november 2010). The group has a wide research experience based on a solid theoretical approach of multidimensional signal analysis and processing, like the mathematical modelling and the statistical analysis for the signal theory. This context allowed the development of the state of the art solutions with different applicability domains: high speed Ethernet architectures (1-10 Gbps), time-of-flight image systems and integrated systems for the analysis of real time color images in digital imaging and medical imaging analysis.

IPAL-UPB staff has been involved in industrial projects, FP6 Strep research projects, national reseacrh grants and in a long term cooperation with CERN Geneva (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) offering support for the ATLAS / LHC experiments.

In the last decade, the average annual value of the research contracts conducted through UPB is estimated at approximately 150.000 USD. The main contribution of the IPAL-UPB team in this project is to assure the fundamental and applicative research, related to the general framework of the hemangiomas detection and classification and to the prediction of their evolution tendencies. IPAL-UPB offers the necessary logistics for the the above mentioned research activities (research laboratories, access to scientific archives and databases).

The UPB team has the following structure: Alina Sultana - research team responsible, Mihai Ciuc, Radu Dogaru, Constantin Vertan, Serban Oprisescu, Marta Zamfir, Elena Ovreiu, Constantin Burlacu, Christoph Rasche, Stefanita Ciurel, Tiberiu Radulescu, Leliana-Augustina Dumitru.

P2 - Valahia University of Targoviste (VUT)

P2 team has a rich experience for its part allocated to the project. Past achievements are: over 100 ISI journal and conference articles with over 400 citations, 11 patents, successful participation in over 20 national and international research projects. Its members have an active collaboration with several research teams in Europe, North America or Asia. The main contribution of VUT’s team is to ensure fundamental and applied research related to image enhancement and nonlinear modeling of hemangiomas evolution. P2 team of VUT is interested in broaden their portfolio of skills in the biomedical field after successes in consumer electronics, robotics and telecommunications. Also the PhD students involved in the project will benefit from exposure to the practical problems of this project. It is expected that their doctoral thesis to be substantially improved. Also, their subsequent career prospects will increase.

The VUT team has the following structure: Felix Albu - research team responsible, Dinu Coltuc, Henri Coanda, Ion Caciula , Ioan Catalin Dragoi.

P3 - Medical Technologies & Research (MT&R)

SC Medical Technologies & Research SRL operates on the market of medical equipment distribution since 2006, promoting materials such as implants (orthopedic or arthroscopic prostheses), surgical consumables (sutures, hemostatic, hernia nets) and equipment (sterilizers, ultrasound dissection, instruments). The main provider of MT&R is the American corporation Johnson & Johnson, along with other complementary providers: Biomet (U.S.), DIZG - DEUTSCHES INSTITUT FÜR ZELL UND GEWEBEERSATZ (Germany), Medgal (Poland), Inomed (Germany). By the nature of its business, MT&R has strong relationships with the management teams of the major hospitals and institutes in Bucuresti and in the country. The sales team is made up of both medical trained personnel (graduates of faculties of medicine or nursing schools) and with economic training (graduate of economic schools). MT&R is a SME with an average turnover of over 1 million euros for the period 2010 -2012 (included), and an average percentage increase of over 25%. The main market is limited to the Romanian territory, and the object of activity according to NACE classification is encoded with the number 4690. Similar experience in 2007 is represented by participation in a research grant coordinated by the University Emergency Hospital from Bucuresti.

The MT&R team has the following structure:
Dr. Radu Niculaita - research team responsible, Dr. Ionut Fernando Secheli, Dr. Marian Amado Secheli, Ana-Maria Breaban, Dennis Niculaita.